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folderlink to browse view of a folder

Question asked by progdevtom on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by vdewillem

I would like to create a shortcut in one folder (A) to another folder (B) in the repository.
as the applicationmodel and contentmodel indicate, there are such things as app:filelink and app:folderlink. Both inherit from cm:link. The only property of cm:link is a reference to the parentnode.
If you want to link to a file, that's ok: by clicking the link, you go to detailed view of your file.
But for a folder, that's not ok: a user doesn't want to go to the details of the folder,he wants to jump in to the folder.

The functionality does exist allready with a link: the crosshair symbol, that jumps to the parentnode/parentdirectory that contains the linked object (for a folderlink that would be one level to high!).

Is it possible to get that functionality with an app:folderlink object so that clicking the link (not the crosshair) takes you to the content of the linked folder?