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AuthorityFinder Component load fail??

Question asked by omarsiala on Jan 28, 2014
I'm trying to assign authorities to events During the event creation in the (alfresc-share) shared calendar, so I was added a new fieldSet to the evnet creation dialog containing a button for the users's and groups's (authorities) selection.

before the creation dialog show I have to load the (people-finder/"authorty-finder") component.

I have a problem in the load of the authority-finder component. so in the beforeDialog-show function i was loaded the component like this :

          url: Alfresco.constants.URL_SERVICECONTEXT + "components/people-finder/authority-finder",
          dataObj: {
             htmlid: + "-authorityFinder"
          successCallback: {
             fn: this.onAuthorityFinderLoaded,
             scope: this
          failureMessage: this.msg("message.authorityFinderFail"),
          execScripts: true
but the load doesn't work , in the js debugger i have the following error:
"""TypeError: Alfresco.AuthorityFinder is not a constructor""".
when i clic in the new dialog button i havn't the expected results (authority-finder componenet)…

Some help Please…