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Parallel review Workflow issue

Question asked by bharatbabbar on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by cgiuliano
Hi All,

I deployed Parallel review and approve worklflow using activiti in alfresco 4.2c.

It gets deployed successfully(File used  showing the message below:

Deploy command : deploy activiti alfresco/extension/parallel-review.bpmn20.xml

Last command: deploy activiti alfresco/extension/parallel-review.bpmn20.xml
Duration: 302ms
deployed definition id: activiti$activitiParallelReview:19:3228 , name: activiti$activitiParallelReview , title: Parallel Review And Approve , version: 19
definition: activiti$activitiParallelReview:19:3228 , name: Parallel Review And Approve , version: 19
workflow: None
path: None

However its not showing up in the drop down of workflows?

I checked its not hidden.Any idea what could be missing???