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metadata-template - custom DocumentLibrary View

Question asked by mtw999 on Feb 5, 2014

I believe know how this works or how I think it should work :-) If I define custom meta-templates in my share-config-custom.xml and I specify replace=false in the config, it should be using my metadata-template when evaluator evals true and default from the share-documentlibrary-config when evaluator evals to false. There is more stuff in my DocumentLibrary config than this, but the what is needed (below).

What is actually happening is if the evaluator evals to true, my template is applied. Otherwise no template is applied. Am I missing something here, doesn't replace="false" imply merge with existing metadata-templates? Also, if I comment out metadata-templates if does use default. I also slapped in the default template just to test, but it seems either my isMyDocument template is applied or nothing is applied.

I'm on

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocumentLibrary" replace="false">
         <template id="isMyDocument">
            <line index="10" id="MyProp1">{mydoc_myprop1}</line>
            <line index="20" id="MyProp2">{mydoc_myprop1}}</line>