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Where to put custom view-render

Question asked by riccardog on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by riccardog

my goal, today, is:  to make my own  custom Documentlibrary View and deploy it be an AMP.
I  begun reading the documentation

I also took a look into
and read a lot of blogs;

After all this reading I realized that I can perhaps put my own
  in at least in a couple of places (in my AMP project) , that is

so,  from   a working copy of
I pulled out a <b>working</b> example

<view-renderer id="dublin_core" iconClass="table" label="button.view.dublinCore" index="80" widget="Alfresco.DocumentListTableViewRenderer">

and put it in a new xml file.
my brand new file was something like this:

  <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocumentLibrary" >
            <view-renderer id="dublin_core" iconClass="table" label="button.view.dublinCore" index="80" widget="Alfresco.DocumentListTableViewRenderer">
                  <js src="components/documentlibrary/documentlist-view-detailed.js" />
                  <js src="components/documentlibrary/documentlist-view-table.js" />
                  <css src="components/documentlibrary/documentlist-view-table.css" />

According to the references,I placed it in some different places and with different names;
I removed/added the nesting into 
< view-renderers>

After all those attempts , I've never seen my dublinCore table in my document Library :(

Into the xml file I also put the flags to popup the js debug window, so I am pretty confident that the xml is ok ( in fact the debug popup works as it should do).

At this point I am sure I am missing something, so the question is:

when I have an AMP project, where  do I have to put my  <view-renderer>?   Is there a working example somewhere?

Thank you,