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Can't install Alfresco Crowd SSO Addon

Question asked by mmonette on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by jpotts
Hi I am really new to Alfresco, just kinda testing it out and what not. Very clean and cool so far though.

I decided to start off with the Alfresco Community Edition latest version.

I have applied for a couple Eval licenses from AppFusion to test out the Alfresco with CROWD SSO, Alfresco with Jira integration and Jira Integration.

I am having issues installing the crowd SSO addon.

They say to put the crowd-auth-1.3.amp file into the "amps" folder and run the ./ script.

I get this error:

01100000 The module (Alfresco Crowd Authentication Subsystem) cannot be installed on a war version greater than 3.4

I am on the latest version of Alfresco, so does this mean that the addon by AppFusion is not compatible with the latest Alfresco build? Could it possibly be just not compatible with the Community edition? Does that mean Crowd SSO is not possible for me? I am not sure what the error means, exactly. It seems to me like the alfresco.war file is just too new for the addon.

Could there be a way to force this installation even with these warnings? (It is a development environment)

Thanks for any help..