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Alfresco Document Management

Question asked by manjulaz on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by mrogers
Dear All,

I am Manjula and Oracle DBA in occupation. Currently my company looking for a document management system and I am interesting to have good evaluation of Alfresco DCM. I have referred forums and support documents about DCM and have few questions in my mind to clear out. It is really appreciating if you can help me to understand the below scenario.

We have 5 Kodak scanners currently scanning documents and saving in shared location in PDF format. Each document has reference number and currently if users wants to retrieve any document they simply searching the saved location, since it has huge volume of saved files now users are experiencing slowness. So we decide to have DCM with proper indexing. Shared directory is a separate LUN in Net Apps storage. My questions as per below.

01) Can Alfresco DCM have two separate servers for Application and Database (Database going to Oracle)
02) How to connect scanners in to DCM to save scanned PDF files in database automatically?
03) Do I want to use Kofax to fulfill above requirement? if yes what kind of server architecture I should have?
04) If Kofax wants to be in place how to integrate Kofax and Alfresco DCM
05) How to import existing PDF files in to DCM database?
06) Is Alfresco supports to any kind of cluster or HA mechanism?
07) Considering my scenario what would be the best server architecture for this kind of setup?

Since I have little knowledge about this product some of my above questions may silly but I need your expert advice on this before proceed. All the answers, suggestions and comments are welcome and highly appreciating.