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New Alfresco fresh Installations with very poor performance

Question asked by irvinloc on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by irvinloc
Hi all,
I'm a newcomer to Alfresco. I need some kind of solution of this kind to support document management for my company. I love Alfresco's features versioning documents, searching, customizations, team working, workflows, etc but i'm dissapointed with the overall performance I've experienced (surelly is my fault, although I have tried to absorb all the information available in foros, wikis, blogs, official docs, etc)
I've tested several Community versions (all 4.2.x versions) in an HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 with Intel Xeon 2 GHz, 8G Ram, 1.5T HD, in virtualizad and not virtualized environment, with Ubuntu and Windows. Also I've tested on desktop machines.

The results, with fresh new installations, are not promissing (with all resources at my hands):
-the starting time of tomcat is between  2 and 4 min  (I've seen videos from ECM4U on Alfresco Summit 2013: Alfresco Virtual Appliance an others in which all the system from ubuntu starting is up in a few seconds). I've installed it from the bundle without any customization on JVM or Tomcat, with the default PostgreSql. Is there anything I can tweak there?
-The development and testing cycle timings are frustrating(because of tomcat restarting times)
-Office documents preview is erratic
-After several days on without user activity, the system is unstable and error prone. I have to reinitialize to continue using it
-search is erratic: some times it runs ok, some times it don't find anything (not even searching by document title).
-response times navegating through the documents is annoying (compared to, for example, accessing OpenERP filled with data via VPN!)

certainly something I'm doing wrong, because if everyone had the same user experience Alfresco would not have the success it has.
My questions are:
-what is the normal starting time of tomcat in a fast machine? (Alfresco and Share in the same Tomcat)
-Is anything wrong with my hardware?
-Is anything wrong with the default installation bundles?
-Is Enterprise version better than Community version in user experience / performance?
-Is there any Dummies´Guide I can follow to reach better performances?
-Any ideas on virtualized environment performance?