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ALFRESCO SLO Issue using SAML + Shibb

Question asked by mr.cavern on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by jeremiebal

I've integrated alfresco with one of my apps to use a SSO based on SAML.

The config works perfectly, and i'm able to login to alfresco whenever i jump from any of my apps.

I used share-config-custom to customize the headers logout link so it calls my /shibboleth.sso/Logout and alfresco's /dologout. Then I return to my login screen, once here, if i use another users credentials I jump into alfresco as the new user, however if I try jumping to alfresco from any of my apps alfresco detects that a user is already logged in and doesn't change to the new user by creating a new header.

How can i use alfresco's filters username property to check if the header that is keeping the session is different from the new header?