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modify default view template for email items

Question asked by nirious on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by jpotts

I recently installed the community version of alfresco, and have used it for a couple of weeks with the default features.

I also added the support for a mailable folder that apears in the outlook client.

Mails copied in that folder from outlook arrive ok in alfresco as eml files (optionally splitting off attachments), though when looking at the detailed view of my "mail items" folder (the one with the grid) in share, I noticed that the view shows all the wrong colums. It doesn't show when the message arrived in outlook, but when it was created in alfresco, and it doesnt show the original sender, but my own name instead. It also doesn't show if there is an attachment.
When I look at the eml file details though, I notice that the meta-data for all of this actually is present, but it isn't shown in the gridview in the file repository folder.

So I must be doing something wrong here.
Do I need to just add an aspect to folder, or to the files?
Can I somehow pick the columns that I find interesting for a certain type.( as in configure the view or create new view)
I noticed on the list that there is a possibility to show a grid for picture and music.
So I guess I need one for mail items.

I just quickly went over the topics from the custimisation tutorial from the Alfresco Developer Series,
but it is unclear to me what I need to modify in order to get what I want.

please guide me in the right direction :)