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Replace Page Template in Module

Question asked by meiko on Feb 19, 2014
Hi Alfresco Developers,

is it possible to replace a template-instance of an existing page in a module definition?

I want to replace the template of the folder-details page (/alfresco/site-data/pages/folder-details.xml) with my own.
The alfresco folder-details page uses the "folder-details" template-instance:


Here is the module. Please notice the defined site.module.evaluator - i do not want to override the template globally.


            <id>my Site changes</id>
            <evaluator type="site.module.evaluator">

and here is the template i want to use for the folder-details page.


I already know the component extensibility features: how to override/change single components. But i think replacing the whole template for pages inside a module would be much cleaner and easier to develop.