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Lucene query and some results are missing

Question asked by fantastic340 on Feb 26, 2014
The situation is I created a folder in the file system, then it does updated the new folder and also it`s parent folder`s "modified" property, the lucene query string is  @cm\:modified:[2014-02-13T08:15:30 TO NOW]  AND @cm\:owner:"jack" AND TYPE:"folder",and the create folder time is corresponding to the range of search time,but final result was just only retrieved the new folder without it`s parent folder.
And I do another experiment with same situation, same lucene query string and same version of Alfresco(3.4.5(498)) in different project.Oddly it does retrieved both new folder and it`s parent folder.
Does anyone can tell me what`s going on with my situation? thanks in advance.