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issues upgrading 4.2.c to 4.2.e with installed Alfresco Workdesk

Question asked by guhu on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by 102020
Hi everybody,

i just want to inform that it is not possible to upgrade from Alfresco 4.2.c to 4.2.e with the documented guide in the case you installed an alfresco workdesk before.

What I have done:

(1) backup db and data from an 4.2.c installation with Workdesk

(2) install a clean 4.2.e installation.

(3) restore data from (1)

The upgrade process fails because the db tables ACT* couldn't be altered (some rows which shoudl be added were already there).

I installed 4.2.c freshly an see differences between the schemas here and the schemas from the live system.

I guess the differences are from the installation of Workdesk.

I now start 4.2.e with a manual migration of the files via CIFS, but it would be nice to get some comments - even because I want to install Workdesk again and I am afraid now …

With regards, GuHu