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How does a UserTask works inside?

Question asked by gpeter on Feb 28, 2014
I need to perform a user task via webscripts.
In the last section of the Jpott's guide on advanced workflow 2ed there is a quite self explicative example.
What i want to ask is if i got the big picture right:
An user task is nothing more then an action that must be performed by a user, eg. setting a property of a document/node. This is usually done INSIDE alfresco, in the workflow definition usertask tag i put the
that is then used to bind it to a particular form in share or [deprecated]explorer.
When a form with the desired property is filled and the Approve/Next/Submit button is pressed, the corresponding information is store in the right node. Alfresco then notifies Activiti that the action has been performed so contingent Listeners can do their business and things can carry on.
So if i have to set a property via webscript in the same script i must set the property of the node and tell the workflow that the action has been performed via  eg.

So basically Activity is not an "all seeing Eye" that can react to changes as soon as they take place but depends on the information that alfresco/we pass to him.
Am i right?