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Alfresco 4 Rest  API for custom types

Question asked by tassoc on Mar 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by mrogers
Hi All,
I'd like to access my Alfresco repository using a RESTful API. Alfresco 4 provides CMIS services, but unfortunately in my repositories there are a lot of custom types which are not sub-types of neither cm:content nor cm:folder, so these nodes are invisible for a CMIS client.
So, I'd like to use the native Alfresco RESTful API, but in Alfresco 4 it seems that all the services for getting the properties of a node or the children of a node are disappeared.
Have I to implement my own RESTful API?
Do some Alfresco RESTful services exist for accessing nodes?
Thanks in advance