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DocumentLibrary: Hide some sorting aspects

Question asked by juschroeg on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by juschroeg
I am trying to customize a Site to fit our projects needs and make it easy to use, even for less experienced alfresco users. Apart from a custom aspect and custom view, I also would like to minimze the options available to the user to the neccessary minimum.
I added my custom aspect properties in share-config-custom and they show in the sorting order on the upper right corner of my document library view. Even though I expanded my custom config to include all the out-of-the-box sorting parameters I want to keep, I still see all options. Does anybody have an idea how I could hide some of those sorting parameters? Is there an explicit option to hide fields?

<!– Visibility of custom aspect's properties in sorting action –>

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocumentLibrary">
         <sort label="">cm:name|true</sort>
         <sort label="label.title">cm:title</sort>
         <sort label="label.description">cm:description</sort>
         <sort label="label.creator">cm:creator</sort>
         <sort label="label.modified">cm:modified</sort>
         <sort label="label.size">cm:content.size</sort>
         <sort labelId="search.sort.type">TYPE</sort>
         <sort label="Jahr">cu:year</sort>
         <sort label="Ansprechpartner">cu:contactperson</sort>
         <sort label="Veröffentlichung erlaubt">cu:publishable</sort>

Thanks in advance for your comments.