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Max Nodes in a store?

Question asked by docderivative on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by docderivative
I have returned to a project that I initiated many years ago and found the implementation is not necessarily what I expected!  In particular custom code has been written to distribute the content and its associated meta data across numerous stores.  This additional code has significantly increased the complexity of the implementation (and caused a few issues since updates to documents have ended up spanning stores due to implementation errors).  The justification for this approach was that Alfresco (this is 3.x) 'did not work' with many documents per store and a limit of 1000000 documents was imposed to 'stop it running out of memory'.

The implementation is extremely problematic… specifically finding documents requires queries that potentially span all stores (since the ultimate document location depends on its update history).

As we move to Alfresco 4.x I am considering simplifying the approach and merging everything back into a single store….

We have 50+ million documents and expect to grow to 100+ million within 5 years…. will it fit in one store?

(PS Content is not indexed… only approx 16 attributes per document and they are all simple strings, dates or numbers).

Thanks in advance