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after moving a document. a opencmis query doesn't find it

Question asked by iruizdeeguilaz on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by iruizdeeguilaz

the problem is that if I move a document (cut and paste) on the Alfresco Explorer into other folder, when I try to look for it on opencmis (a session.query), it isn´t able to find it , but if I move again the document into the previous place (the place it was upload), it is able to find it. so the query is correct, but I wouuld like to know if I need to refresh something in order to find it.

results = session.query("SELECT * FROM my:document as t join my:documentAspect as d on d.cmis:objectId = t.cmis:objectId where ", false);

why could this happen???

thaks so much