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Securing Alfresco for Access from Public Internet

Question asked by mxc on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by mxc
Hi all,

What is the best practice for exposing an internal alfresco service for external clients/extranet. The server hosts internal documents as well as documents which the public need access too. I am reluctant to expose the whole port tomcat is listening on to the net and thereby allowing people to attempt to access share/explorer and the myriad of other URLs that are exposed by Alfresco.

Essentially I would like to limit the client to using CMIS or accessing web script only. So they shouldn't even be able to get to the share or alfresco explorer login page nor login to any other service with their webscript/cmis login.

Call me paranoid but it seem every day I find a new url exposing something on Alfresco and its a bit scary to open the web port to an  Alfresco server.