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sub folder in document library as rootNode for user

Question asked by ayubalfresco on Mar 7, 2014
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I want  a sub folder within Document library as rootNode.

For Example In Document Library the folder path is Documents > XYZ > User1. When user accesses Document Library  by default the content in Documents > XYZ > User1 should be displayed instead of content in Document. If we customize rootNode property from below code which is part of toobar.get.js it should work..I replaced rootNode with XYZ and it works. But rootNode="XYZ/User1" does not work

Not sure how to speciy the sub folder ?


var docListToolbar = {
      id: "DocListToolbar",
      name: "Alfresco.DocListToolbar",
      options: {
         siteId: ( != null) ? : "",
         rootNode: toolbar.rootNode != null ? toolbar.rootNode : "",
         hideNavBar: Boolean(toolbar.preferences.hideNavBar),
         googleDocsEnabled: toolbar.googleDocsEnabled,
         repositoryBrowsing: toolbar.rootNode != null,
         useTitle: (useTitle == "true"),
         syncMode: toolbar.syncMode != null ? toolbar.syncMode : "",
         createContentByTemplateEnabled: model.createContentByTemplateEnabled,
         createContentActions: model.createContent
   model.widgets = [docListToolbar];