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Versions Differences Plug-in in Alfresco 4.2e

Question asked by ashraf on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by ashraf
Hi All,

We are running Alfresco 4.2e, and recently installed Versions Differences Plug-in following the instruction from the url ( )

After the restart , things are looking to be fine, i can even see the version diff icon, on the earlier version of the documents, but when trying to click on this icon, nothing happens.

if i try to right click on the icon and select open in new Tab,  a new Tab opens up, showing the difference between documents, but with a small error window in the center of the page saying " This document has been moved out of the site. We will redirect you to its new location shortly "  and it redirect me back the alfresco document view url.

Request all the expert to provide some solution for this issue.