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Remove external links from the classic alfresco page.

Question asked by hsturner on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by hsturner
Hi We just switched over to using the classic alfresco page because there were too many problems with the share site.  Most of the users that will be using alfresco do not have internet access, however there is something on the page that is trying to access the internet, whenever they click on any link on the page. Due to the way our network security is set up, this causes them to be prompted for proxy log-in information every time they click on any link, and the users are complaining that it is annoying to the point that they do not want to use alfresco.  What is trying to access the internet when a page loads or is refreshed and how do I disable it? Giving them internet access is not an option.