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Share Header Menu - 4.1

Question asked by mtw999 on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by kavilash23

I have looked at witj regard to customizing Share Header Menu, bur this is respect to 4.2. Is there any similar guidance for 4.1 where share-config-custom is involved?

Specifically, I saw following with regard to defining the Share Header:

If I'm adding a new Menu container with new items, if I want these items to be <item type="link" what do I need to provide as far as share components, etc?

For example, if I want a Menu container item that opens a Share page, what would I need to provide?

WIKI notes:
Share page. Relative to the /page servlet, e.g. /my-tasks, /site/marketing/documentlibrary

but I don't quite understand what the means.