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Change Name of the Node

Question asked by pmrreddy on Mar 21, 2014
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Hi All,

I need to change the content node name in my custom java service, as i did the below

Map<QName,Serializable> propMap = nodeService.getProperties(myNodeRef);



After executed this when i go through company home data dictionary the new name is applied and its showing, But when I go thgough the Node Browser up to the node parent in the parent node child properties its shwowing the old name, any suggestions how to change this

I need to change the name of the Ti1 Node , SL is the Parent node of the Ti1 when i go upto the SL the children table shows as below after i executed.

Child Name   Child Node   Primary   Association Type   Index
Ti1   workspace://SpacesStore/509acab8-a204-4fd1-b3b5-e8b7f7711530   true   {}contains   -1
Ti2   workspace://SpacesStore/06869146-1bd0-4896-96c2-8c4311bbf0d3   true   {}contains   -1
ddd   workspace://SpacesStore/60e14e71-b48a-42fd-a46e-6cdb38ea56ef   true   {}contains   -1

Parameswara Reddy