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object-finder.js limits its search to authority

Question asked by stondini on Mar 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by douglascrp

I'm looking for a component like association.ftl which allows search on nodes instead of authorities.
I'd like my user searches for documents when they have to set an association property in a form.

I looked in file object-finder.js (used by association.ftl) and a comment scares me :

      _createNavigationControls: function ObjectFinder__createNavigationControls()
         var me = this;
         if (this._inAuthorityMode())
            // only show the search box for authority mode
            Dom.setStyle(this.pickerId + "-folderUpContainer", "display", "none");
            Dom.setStyle(this.pickerId + "-navigatorContainer", "display", "none");
            Dom.setStyle(this.pickerId + "-searchContainer", "display", "block");

Is someone has this need and could help me ?
Do you know if it exists a component I could use to execute a full text search on an specific aspect or document type ?

Thank you.