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Difficulty understanding Alfresco REST API

Question asked by on Mar 26, 2014
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  I am new to alfresco and I am trying to create a POC to create/upload a document in Alfresco and retrieve them via the REST api from a different server within the same domain.

I am finding it difficult to get it to work. I would like pointers to examples.

I hope the experts can verify my below understanding of the concepts

First I had a rough time understanding what content{property}, {store_type} and {store_id} and {id} meant now I think I have it after using the node browser I understand
property –> use the default
store_type = 'workspace'
store_id = 'SpacesStore'
I am not sure if this configurable, probably with property files.
and the id is the GUID like number I found from the node browser.

I am successful in calling the login, list services etc. but I am not able to use the content APIs

1. What is the difference between using the
APIs vs
2. Is there an example with source code perhaps of how to use this assets/documents/content etc somewhere?

3. the rest api naming conventions and actual parameters are difficult to understand and not straightforward to find (using the node browser????). What am I missing? I feel like I am facing a
paradigm shift
having skipped a generation of CMS.

Thanks to any good samaritan who will answer this.