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acces other group documents after asking to unblock

Question asked by horace on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by horace
Hy Alfresco users!

I am new in Alfresco and I have a question .

If we have two groups of users (group1 and group2) . Every group have his documents.

Users from the group1 can access group1 documents , and can search through group2 documents (in fact through all documents on the repository).
They (group1) can see general search response (links returned) from Alfresco but can not open/read/download group2 documents .
They (group1) can ask for a special request from group2 members clicking on that link , that search returned.
If a member of group2 unblock that document , group1 can read/download/open that document.

Is it possible this in Alfresco , and what do I need to install (Alfresco version and web interface option )?
I have now already installed Alfresco 3.4 .

Thank you for support .