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How to add an extra custom button to a Share form

Question asked by pkanuri on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by lementree

I have been trying , in vain, to add a "Preview" button to my share form.
After making changes to the share-config-custom.xml I did these things:

1. Edit the form.lib.ftl

   Here is what I added to the renderFormButtons macro
   <#if form.showPreviewButton?? && form.showPreviewButton>
         <input id="${formId}-preview" type="button" value="${msg("form.button.cancel.label")}" />
2. Edit my xml file in the ../site-data/template-instances folder
   I used <showPreviewButton>true</showPreviewButton> to be able to display the button .

     But still the button does not appear in my form.
     Am I missing anything ? Or is it that one cannot declare buttons other than the predefined
     ones like (submit, reset, cancel)?
     Please advise.