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How to debug poor performance in WCMQS

Question asked by leonardo.celati on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2014 by leonardo.celati
Hi all,

I have adaptded the existing WCMQS application to suit my needs.

I am still in development mode, which is: my application developed on localhost, talking to a remote alfresco 4.2 community server, queried on the authoring folder.

I am seeing very bad performance when retrieving an html asset from the repository, in the order of nearly 10 seconds for each request.

Can you give me suggestions and advices on where to start looking for debugging ?

These are few points that may be useful

1- I have changed very little on the WCMQS side, only few templates and pages, and the asset retrieved is 10kb maximum.
2- Network performance are fine, other components on server are behaving well
3- When the asset is retrieved and cached there are no problems, until the cache expires

If you require further information just ask.