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Setup https and ports

Question asked by vgusev2007 on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by borisstankov
Hi everyone!
I plan to setup Alfresco One 4.2.1 as an ECM system for my small company. So, I have tested it in Alfresco CE 4.2e, it works (SSO, webdav, cifs, and so on).

Now, I want to ask you about configure security access to our Alfresco via Web. I want to buy a SSL cert (DV level)

Can you hint me a best way with it?

So, I have two variant with it:

1. Setup a reverse proxy for https (Linux+apache), and redirect my users from http to https
2. Setup Tomcat alfresco for use https only…

What about good way for me?

I prefere the first variant because it's an easy way, but I'm not shure about good work alfresco with it… (for example: SSO, document direct link, webdav and so on…).

What are you think about it? I'm new in web and alfresco…

Can you tell me about step-by-step guide for it?

And the second question is about port of alfresco setup.

What is best setting during setup? Is it 8080 8443 + plus cifs unstandart port or 80 and 443? I see "top" command in my linux and see root priv for java, regardless port 8080 8443 or 80 and 443…

What about if I setup alfresco with port 8080 and 8443, and setup apache as a reverse proxy on the same host: from 443 (https) to 8080 (default web port of alfresco)?

Thank a lot for you help to me.