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Possible to remove ALL googledocs aspects from ALL documents?

Question asked by ttownsend on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by jpotts
Hi all,

I've trying to upgrade 4.0.c to 4.2.e and have hit the backward compatibility break in google docs v1.0 support (don't panic - it's already in JIRA).

Can anyone tell me if it's possible/how to remove ALL googledocs aspects from ALL documents in a repository?  In theory (from reading JIRA and heaps of other information) this should allow upgrading to Alfresco versions where Google Docs 1.0 support has been removed.

Many thanks indeed!


EDIT:  I should add that this is related to this issue (, but it is a different question so I'm posting my question here.
Also, I have a 4.0.c test server set up (~70GB repository with 10+ sites) and I am willing to test any solutions and post the results back here.