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Customizing Reports

Question asked by oliviera on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2014 by fcorti

I've been asked to create reports for a specific kind of documents. I really don't know anything about the audit customization. Reading is losing me :-/ Hope you can help :)

General picture : documents are imported (by email) to a site. Then a workflow (managed externatlly) changes the status of each documents. The requested reports should show how many new documents arrives, and how many documents of a given status exist… may be with a history of one week.

Basically, a report could look like this:
Week 10:
- new documents: 10
- documents with status A: 20
- documents with status B: 13

No on Alfresco part: every new documents gets an aspect with 2 fields. A rule on the incoming folder start a script adding this aspect.
Field 1: codename of the Site (there are 6 different codenames)
Field 2: status as [to be registered|registered|booked|archived]

So I should get a summary of a state of these documents tstus per codename.

How should I build the reports, on Pentaho/AAAR only ? or with Alfresco ? Do you have any example of specific reports I could take as example ? Where can I start for looking ?