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4.2.f - Unable to upload large files into repository

Question asked by ttownsend on Apr 5, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by abarisone

I am not able to load large files into a 4.2.f (ubuntu 12.04.4 64bit) repository.
I have just finished an ftp tranfer of content (4,000+ pdf, doc/x, ppt/x, etc) from a 4.0.c repository to a fresh 4.2.f repository.
Only 4 files failed to transfer, and the files in question are .pdf files all over 60MB in size.

I have tried ftp'ing, the Share upload content UI, and the Alfresco explorer.

I am greeted with these errors in pop-up dialog boxes (nothing in logs):
- for ftp'ing - [using FileZilla] Error 223: the file exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved.
- using Share's UI for uploading content - selecting file prompts a dialog box with "The file exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved"
- using drag/drop on Share's UI - same as above.
- using Alfresco explorer - same as above

As far as I knew, there are no limits to the size of a file that can be uploaded into Alfresco.

Can anyone suggest where I should begin looking?