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How to copy Solr index on 2nd solr node

Question asked by niketapatel on Apr 7, 2014
Hi All,

We have 2 alfreso nodes in cluster and 2 solr node for individual alfresco instance. Solr nodes are not in cluster.

We did full solr reindex node 1, now how I can copy/replicate node 1 index to node 2?

We tried by copy paste entire index folder with workspace and archive core and also alf_data\solr\workspace-SpacesStore\alfrescoModels

Solr index is working OK on 2nd node but when I run report - http://:/solr/admin/cores?action=REPORT&wt=xml which gives all count like "DB transaction count", "Index acl transaction count" etc.. to 0

So I would like to confirm this is correct process, Can I simply copy index OR there is some other way to replicate/copy index

Alfresco 4.2.1EE