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WebDav and/or CIFS SSO

Question asked by zakire on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2014 by zakire
Okey, I have been fighting with my first Alfresco installation for a week now. I have been trying both Windows and Linux. Right now I'm running Alfresco on an Ubuntu-server behind another Ubuntu-server with Apache and mod-jk (to be able to to access Alfresco on port 443 using a valid certificate).

Right now I'm trying to get CIFS and WebDav working. I'm using LDAP-AD to sync my Active Directory accounts to Alfresco and I have been trying both with and without Passthru to authenticate my users.

I'm able to login via the web interface with my AD account, and it seems like WebDav is working (when i ran Alfresco on Windows WebDav did also worked for about a day or two, then suddenley it stopped working for some users). Right now I'm running with Passthru as authentication and LDAP-AD just for synchronisation, and CIFS is not working at all (I can reach the share, bit not authenticate, get "ERROR [auth.cifs.PassthruCifsAuthenticator] [AlfJLANWorker1] org.alfresco.jlan.smb.SMBException: Invalid parameter" in the log).

What I want is to be able to login via the web interface with my AD account and to map a network drive in Windows, preferably via CIFS, and authenticate with my already logged in credentials (SSO from an AD connected computer).

I have been reading tons of posts in this and on others forums and I have tried LDAP-AD, Passthru, NTLM, Kerberos and so on, but I have not been able to achive my goals.

No I need your help to solve this. I really need to get this working.
Please let me know what you want to know, configuration files, log files etc.

Thanks in advance!