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Starting with alfresco custom content tutorial for jeff potts

Question asked by hdalang on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2014 by hdalang

I'm reading this tutorial :
and I'm trying to understand this tutorial so I started by adding in advanced search the someco(whitepaper), so I have add to this configuration:
<form labelId="search.form.label.cm_content" descriptionId="search.form.desc.cm_content">cm:content</form>
            <form labelId="search.form.label.cm_folder" descriptionId="search.form.desc.cm_folder">cm:folder</form>
         <form labelId="type.sc_whitepaper" descriptionId="type.form.desc.sc_whitepaper">sc:whitepaper</form>

and restart the alfresco and it shows like on the attached picture(advanced search1), then I tried to add some labels on it and  it say