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Show list as checkbox

Question asked by purohitsumit on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by nandeesh
Hi All,

I define a task in my custom workflow as

<type name="fgwf:changeRequestTask">
                <property name="fgwf:reasonOfChange">
                    <default>New Data</default>
                        <constraint type="LIST">
                            <parameter name="allowedValues">
                                    <value>New Data</value>
                                    <value>Error Correction</value>

I show this field in the share-config-custom.xml file

<field id="fgwf:reasonOfChange" set="response" />

This list shows up as combobox in the share's form. How can I get it as 3 checkbox one for each "list" value.

I tried using

<field id="fgwf:reasonOfChange" set="response" >
                      <control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/checkbox.ftl" />

But it shows one checkbox for property entire "fgwf:reasonOfChange" not specific list value.