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Word documents get locked when using Microsoft Word

Question asked by chechu on Apr 16, 2014

I've been reading a bit from other posts about this known error but I couldn't happen to know if it has been already solved in any earlier version or patch.
Our documents are not getting locked randomly when we create them, our problem comes out when MS Office is used. As long as we do not use MS Office to edit a file it doesn't get locked. If we edit a file with Open Office everything runs smoothly, but, since there're users that uses MS Office, as soon as they edit a file, it get permanent locked by 'another user' and none can edit it again.

Does any1 knows a workaround for this? Or even better, a solution? We can't tell users to stop using MS Office, we are moving to Open Office slowly, but until migration is done we need to pass through this situation somehow.

Just for more information, our Alfresco server (4.2.b) is set up in a CentOS (6.3) environment, and users acces to it from windows by -> run  \\myalfrescofolder

Thanks in advance and best regards.