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Still having problems with datetime resolution queries (FTS/CMIS)

Question asked by mreyem on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by kaynezhang
Hi there,
I'm currently using Alfresco Community 4.2.c and after a lot of battles I still cannot query my document using datetime resolution. These are the steps that I performed:

1) Setting Lucene as indexing system
2) Changed datetime analyzer to as said in (
3) Performed a full reindex (even 3 times)


I have 2 docs in my repo: doc A with creationDate = '2014-03-26T14:19:48:42' and doc B with creationDate = '2014-03-26T14:19:49:46'

The documents get correctly sorted using datetime resolution (before changing the analyzer even the sorting didn't work properly), meaning that a doc A is correctly put before doc B in an ASC ordering.
However the search does not work properly. I've tried both CMIS and FTS and If i query for document @cm:created:'2014-03-26T14:19:48' o cmis:creationDate <= TIMESTAMP '2014-03-26T14:19:48:42.000+00:00' I keep getting both doc A and doc B instead of just doc A

What am I doing wrong?