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soffice.bin using 100% of CPU [SOLVED]

Question asked by mnbrecher on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by mnbrecher
My Libre office service is running at 100% constantly.

I found however, that if I stop, and restart the Libre office service, using the alfresco script: /alfresco-4.2.e/libreoffice/scripts/
The Libreoffice service resumes, using almost none of the CPU time.

But, if I then restart all alfresco services using: service alfresco start/restart, the soffice.bin process returns to 100%. Which would indicate that something is going wront with the way the script is starting the Libre office service. This is bizarre, since the script seems to point the exact same /alfresco-4.2.e/libreoffice/scripts/ script to start soffice.bin anyway! Perhaps it has to do with the way/order that alfresco starts the service.

This was mentioned previously in this thread, but the answer there didn't help me.

1. I used the alfresco bundle installer.
2. Running Ubuntu 12.04 server.
3. In setup I set alfresco to run as a service.