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context.xml files and Share

Question asked by mxc on Apr 19, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2014 by mxc
Hi all,

I have a share amp that I am providing a language.propertes file for. In the module-context.xml file generated by the maven sdk it imports a service-context.xml file. If I place the resource loading bean definition in any of these file it does not get loaded.

       <bean id="addon_resources" class="">
        <property name="resourceBundles">

I have tried moving the spring config file to different locations in share to get it to load but no luck.I also tried a malfromed file to see if it would throw an error if it was being loaded but again there was nothing. It looks like share is not loading custom spring framework config files.

If I am doing something wrong please let me know. If there is another way to add internationalisation to a share module let me know too.