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bindPropertyBehaviour not functioning correctly

Question asked by hagak on Apr 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2014 by hagak
I set up the following Behaviour

this.onUpdateProperties = new JavaBehaviour(this, "onUpdateProperties", NotificationFrequency.TRANSACTION_COMMIT);
this.policyComponent.bindPropertyBehaviour(QName.createQName(NamespaceService.ALFRESCO_URI, "onUpdateProperties"), QNAME_TYPE,this.onUpdateProperties);

And the method this.onUpdateProperties is never called when any property of the QNAME_TYPE is modified.  Is there something that I am doing incorrectly?  I have been succesful with other behavious such as onDeleteNode, onCreateNode and onCreateAssoc, and onDeleteAssoc, nit not the "onUpdatePropertietis".