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Have any way to apply multiple language in script?

Question asked by nguyenducquang on Apr 20, 2014
Hi everyone,

I'm newbie on Alfresco and I have a difficult issue. I want to use multiple language for script at file *.bpmn20.xml


<activiti:executionListener event="take" class="org.alfresco.repo.workflow.activiti.listener.ScriptExecutionListener">
  <activiti:field name="script">
      execution.setVariable('mywfid_customstatus', 'My custom status');

I want apply multiple language for <strong>'My custom status'</strong>.
<strong>Have any way to do it?</strong>

@ I just try using ${msg('my.custom.status')} but not working.

Would anyone have solutions on this?

Thanks in advance,