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Workflow model not saved (what are the minimum requirements to have it saved?))

Question asked by gilles on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by gilles
Hi, I made a (quite simple) workflow with jbpm, and the properties of my workflow model are not saved between the tasks.
I'm setting the properties in a java class that is starting my workflow. And the values are correctly displayed in the (default) form, but I can not save it (in the share UI). Only the 'by default' bpm properties are saved properly.
I'm wondering what are the minimun requirements to have workflow properties handled by the workflow?
Just create the aspect in the workflow model and attach to one task? Do we need to repeat on each task to have it maintained between tasks? Do we need to configure the share-client-config to make it save the modified values? Do we need to save the values manually in scripts? Thanks in advance.