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Move or Copy Dataset

Question asked by d.gruber on Apr 22, 2014
I'm experiencing an issue with Alfresco, or maybe it isn't really an issue, but I just don't know how to do it…. I installed Alfresco Community 4.2.f and the Record Management AMP File to create custom Metadata for example: Checked (Boolean) which appears if I declare a File as a dataset and I can set this boolean via a selection button which is really what I wanted… So my problem is:

I've created a rule to copy or move all files that has this metadata checked as true.. but the problem is that Alfresco can't move my dataset to another folder… why?

EDIT: When I try to move the dataset I get this message:
03220047 Zugriff verweigert. Sie verfügen nicht über die Berechtigungen, um diesen Vorgang durchzuführen.
(german for: Access is denied. You do not have the permissions to perform this operation. ) although I have admin- rights for both alfresco and record management.

Best regards Dave