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Sites for teams and departments

Question asked by srimoorthy on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by srimoorthy
we are at alfresco 4.1.5. I want to create some sites for internall use for our teams. We have 2 teams under a manager with each team having its own manager and people reporting to him. The 2 teams will need look at each others documents, blogs, wikis etc as they perform the same function for the company. But the individual managers of the teams also want to have some private content that they dont want the other team to look at. like may be the work flows, assignments to team members etc, can you please

let me know if its possible to create sites at different levels,, like a site for department and sub sites for teams, or provide access permissions in such a way that some content cannot be viewed by others.

i was initially thinking of creating two sites, site 1 belonging to team a, site 2 belonging to team b. And team a members can do everything in their site 1 like create edit etc, but can only consume the cotent from site 2. And also the users in team a will have the discretion of making some content private only to members in team a.  is something like this possible in 4.1.5, or is something like this possible in 4.2