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Edit MS-Office-Documents online

Question asked by shylynx on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by shelly
I configured the SharePoint-Service-Module in Alfresco 4.2f so that I can edit Office Documents online. When I click "edit online" I get a confirmation dialog, that the Word file is harmful. If I confirm the dialog MS Word opens immediately. But after I while MS Word complains, that it can't open the file. If I open other office documents like xls alfresco also shows this message.

I tried to check, if a document exists at the URL, but I only get a HTTP-404 error, that the resource isn't available.

What's wrong here? Which configuration I have to add?

I usually navigate to "" (is this called Alfresco Share?).

If I use "" (is this called Alfresco Explorer?) there isn't an action for online edit. I'm a little bit confused, what is the right way for online edit.