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Call a url through an action

Question asked by rd on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by romschn
Hi there

I am new to Alfresco and trying to understand a lot of the functionality.
As a part of my project's requirement I need to test Alfresco with an external workflow application like WSO2 Business process server.
To try a simple test, I want to trigger a Business Process defined in WSO2, exposed via an HTTP url on any Node related event in Alfresco, like file uploaded into "X" folder. Once the workflow is triggered in WSO2 some user tasks will happen there like approval/rejection, after which WSO2 will make a HTTP call to Alfresco to move the file to folder "Y".

From whatever I have understood till now about Alfresco, I think -

1) The call to WSO2 service (HTTP url) to trigger the workflow can be done through an action. Is this correct? How do I do this? How do I configure the custom action?

2) I can write a webscript to move the file from folder "X" to "Y". This webscript url can be called by the WSO2 user task. Is there any webscript readily available in Alfresco to move file from 1 folder to another? If not can you give me some pointers to how I should write this?

I am using Alfresco 4.2 CE.

Thanks in advance.