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How to create a space in Alfresco 4.2f?

Question asked by gsl1 on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by gsl1
In versions previous to version 4.2f of Alfresco, a menu drop down button existed called <em>create</em> within the <em>work area</em> that provided access to the create space menu item. I have Alfresco 4.2f running, have looked under every admin and user menu and button under dashboards and the sites themselves that I can find and cannot find any such functionality in version 4.2f. I have looked within the sample site that comes with the distribution and have made my own site, but no luck.

I realize this must be incredibly obvious, since spaces are a fundamental element of the system, but I can't determine how this is done and the docs aren't helping. The docs just describe how to create a space under an existing space, but I don't recognize anything in particular as a space, although there are of course folders with files under them in the document library, but these don't seem to be spaces, nor does it seem possible to change them into spaces or create spaces under them. Can some kind soul point me to exactly how one creates a new space in 4.2f. Any concrete example should get me going in the right direction.

If I have posted this in the wrong forum, could someone please direct me to the correct forum to post this question.


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