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Applying categories to existing repository

Question asked by christonic on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by christonic
Hi there,

I've set up a basic CMS system using alfresco community. It doesnt need to be particularly sophisticated and will just use directory structure, tags, and categories to enable users to efficiently access the data that they require.

Anyway, I've put a site together and added a lot of data with tags but since i never had time to RTFM before starting I have not set up the categories and rules!!!

Now the required categories are defined they need to be applied to the existing data. It would be good to not have to do this manually for every node!

There are two ways i would like to be able to do this:

1) via a client software or standard one-shot script that can apply aspects/categories to a group of nodes (preferably with a recursive option)
2) Recursively applying parent categories to sub-category nodes. E.g: i I would like all items categorised "disciplines\mechanical engineering\turbomachines" to be also categorised (or inherit) the "disciplines\mechanical engineering" category.

I guess this is quite a common thing to do and in my repository new categories may need to be added in the future and retrospectively applied to existing data. Unfortunately the client doesnt seem to allow aspects, categories or tags to be applied to multiple selected nodes!!!

Many thanks for any guidance!